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Qing Yu Nian (25th Nov 22 at 5:32am UTC)
Fan Xian looked at this scene, more and more sure of their own guess, Miss Wang came to make trouble this time, must be teased to come, I am afraid that the Wangs will not know the reason. There are such stable subordinates. Wang Zhikun would be relieved to let his spoiled daughter return to Beijing, and how could he let the young lady rush to Prince He's mansion. Fan Xian looked at the housekeeper and asked, "Who are you from?" The steward saw that he had an extraordinary bearing. Although he did not know how many grades he was an official, the officials of the Control yuan often held titles in addition to their official positions. He did not dare to neglect him. He said, "The old slave is the steward of the Wang family.". I just came back from Yanjing, and the young lady has been in Yanjing for a long time. I don't know the way of Kyoto. If there is any offense, please forgive me. As Miss Wang listened to the two of them, she took her foot back from the stone lion and scolded, "What is this thing? Do you need to say something soft to him?" The old housekeeper's mouth was bitter. His lordship has always told him to be a man with his tail between his legs in Kyoto. But the young lady did not know what to suffer from today, unexpectedly will get rid of the family's obstruction, rushed to the palace. What is it to scold the young official of the other side? Kyoto is not Yanjing. The water is much deeper. Anyone on the street could have some terrible background. "Yanjing?" Fan Xian was slightly surprised and said, "Wang Dadu's family?" Miss Wang stared at Fan Xian and said, "Do you know my home?"? Who are you? Fan Xian, however, did not look at her at all. He said gently to the housekeeper and the general, "Persuade your young lady to go back quickly. There is no decree in the palace yet. She is making trouble like this.". How can you see people when it comes out? The steward and the master will say yes again and again, Look twice. But dare not go up to help their own young lady. Because there was no way to try it before. Fan Xian was slightly stunned. Only then did he discover that there were several whip marks on the face of the old housekeeper, and although the force was not deep, it gradually oozed blood. As soon as he turned his head, he saw the obstinate Wang Jia-nu holding a whip in her left hand. Can not help but look gloomy, there is such a loyal housekeeper, should cherish is,cattle weight tape, even beat with a whip, the impression of this woman is even worse to the extreme. Just at the moment. This Miss Wang saw that Fan Xian ignored her question and put on a look of nostrils facing the sky, and she was even more angry. Being locked up outside the gate of Prince He's Mansion for a long time, she had already lost her face. At this time, a young official who did not know his name dared to give herself a look. She was not willing to endure it any more. She was so angry that tears rippled in her eyes. With a wave of her left hand, she whipped it down! The whip whistled down and was about to touch the tip of Fan Xian's nose, but Fan Xian just looked at the woman and thought sarcastically in his heart that he was reborn in this life, and the women he met always had their own beauty. When he was in Danzhou, he wanted to find a bully, but he couldn't find one. He didn't expect to finally see a tender fish eye today. With a few hisses and a few flashes of cold wind, the whip held by Miss Wang broke into four parts in front of Fan Xian and fell to the ground. Six swordsmen of the Control yuan, where would let an unruly woman hurt their own Lord Tisi, only to see the cold light, six or seven iron drill will be surrounded by this Miss Wang. The housekeeper and the general thought that there were so many experts around the young official of the Control yuan. They were frightened and worried about the safety of the young lady. They protected Miss Wang in front of her. If it is in the past, fish measuring tape ,Fish measuring board, I'm afraid they should guess the true identity of Fan Xian, but all the people in Kyoto know that the little ancestor of the Control yuan is still on the way back from his majesty's inspection tour, so I didn't think of this for a while. The two sides were at daggers drawn and could start fighting outside the palace at any time. Although the swordsman of the Control yuan was terrible, the general sent by Wang Zhikun of Yanjing to protect his daughter was not idle. The most wonderful thing was that the door of the palace was still tightly closed. Fan Xian, however, did not get angry. Instead, he looked at Miss Wang with a smile and said, "You continue to scold. I won't stop you. I'm just going to ask Wang Zhikun in the future how you, an alien like you, were taught. Tomorrow I'll have to ask Shi Fei if he, an uncle, doesn't have time to teach you. Would you like me to teach you?".
” There was a great uproar in the field. In the court of Qingguo, there were absolutely no more than three young people who dared to call Wang Dadu and Shi Commander by their names. Apart from the two princes, only the young man, the housekeeper and the general looked at each other and saw the shock and regret in each other's hearts. Their lips began to tremble. Miss Wang, however, was a fool. When she heard her father's name, she was furious and said, "What are you? You dare to gossip about my father and discipline me!" Fan Xian took one look at her and said with a sneer, "I can even manage Ye Linger, a wild horse, to be obedient, not to mention you, a donkey." After saying this, he ignored the frightened members of the Wang and Shi families and went straight up the steps. He banged the door of Prince He's mansion with a hammer. "Have you seen enough?" He said angrily? Don't open the door for me! No matter how stupid Miss Wang was, she finally knew the identity of the other party. Her heart was in a mess for a while, and tears came down from her eyes, but the tears were somewhat inexplicable. The palace gate was finally pulled open a small hole, but no one showed up, it seems that the palace is only ready to let Fan Xian go in, but also beware of Miss Wang this monster level figure. Fan Xian suddenly looked back at Miss Wang and asked, "Do you like Your Highness?" Even if the folkways of Qingguo were open again, it would be too much to ask about the private affairs of such men and women in front of so many officials and servants. The housekeeper and the general gritted their teeth and, regardless of Fan Xian's identity, prepared to reprimand him. Unexpectedly, Miss Wang was stunned and clenched her teeth and said loudly, "I like it. How can I do that?" "Not really, I just want to tell you that if I say no, I can't do it, I can't do it." After he paused, he said, "I've been scolding for a long time. Would you like to come in and have a cup of tea?" Miss Wang stayed where she was and subconsciously prepared to flee back to Uncle Shi's house. She felt that the young dignitary in front of her was so strange that she was afraid for no reason. But after a while, she crossed her heart,Horse weight lbs, threw down the broken tip of the whip, stopped the housekeeper's obstruction, and followed behind Fan Xian. She entered the palace she had dreamed of for a long time-but the way she entered this time seemed a little special. tapemeasure.net
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