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The Little Fox's Journey to the Other World (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
I shook my head. "Nothing." "That's good." He laughed. "I was worried for a while. Anyway, you were brought by me for the task. If something happened to you, I would feel a little uneasy." "Oh." I answered absently, but immediately I thought, "You said …" Would you be upset if something happened to me? "Yes." "Then something has happened to me now." "Eh?"? Are you poisoned, too? That What do they need you to do to give you the antidote? He seems to have misunderstood, but.. It doesn't seem to matter, thinking, I simply nodded, "to pick a hundred white grass.." But I don't know where to find this grass. "Well." He scratched his head in some distress and said, "This is all my fault, not as good as …" Shall I go with you? I know where I can find alchemy. "Really?"? Where is it? That place is a little hard to find, and I found it by accident. However, if you want to pick white grass, it is still very dangerous. "Dangerous?" "There is a poison barrier shrouded there. If you step in at will, your life value will keep falling. Even if you withdraw in time, as long as the poison is not cleared, you will still keep your life value until you are resurrected after death." Said, he was very embarrassed to smile, "I also died in this poison barrier before, so it was not easy to refine the level of zero, then wandering in the village, was cheated by the old man,4 person jacuzzi, thought it was a hidden task, did not expect." Just drank a cup of tea and was poisoned again. “……” It seems that the uncle's luck is not much better than mine. Roll up the days of a wild fox, 32 unmarried.. Husband The heart is still a little uneasy, but … Now I have no choice but to get out of here as soon as possible, because compared with other players, I have no way to use the communicator without any money, and the "message box" function in the previous open beta seems to have been cancelled, at least I can't find it after looking through it.. Alas, I had expected to get some news about the night or the morning. At this moment,jacuzzi manufacturers, I had to lie in the room of the inn foolishly, because the uncle said that it was dark now, it was not convenient to find the way, and it was really dangerous there, so he agreed to take me there tomorrow when he was on the line. Although I still felt a little anxious, there was no other way, so I had to go back to the village and find an inn to stay. Of course, penniless, I still take the old way, using the "demon of the fox" to credit. Fortunately, … This time I came back and didn't meet the man from the South family again. I hope he's gone. I shook my head with a wry smile, and I, who had always been used to talking to myself, was now worried about this kind of thing. Not like me. Only Fear. Fear of them seems to be overshadowing everything now. All night long, tossing and turning, I don't know how long it took before I closed my eyes in a daze, endless pool factory ,indoor endless pool, until I heard a noise outside and woke up suddenly. I rubbed my eyes, yawned and murmured about the annoying voice.. But after this sleep, the mood is really a lot better, anyway, from small to large, I also have this temper, no matter what will not stay overnight, perhaps because of this, I will not worry about these things all day. Pushing open the window and looking out, I don't know why, there are several players quarreling not far away, it seems … There seems to be a tendency to do it. In the other world, players are allowed to PK in the city, but as an attacker, they are often punished more severely. What's more, in those big cities, once they start under the eyes of NPC guards patrolling all over the city, it will be very difficult to escape, and once they are captured, they will not only be locked up for a few days. Because of this, although it is clearly allowed, this kind of thing seldom happens in towns and villages. But now it seems that there is really going to be a fight outside.
I yawned lazily, whether I like to fight or not, I can't control it anyway, but … It's annoying to be woken up in your sleep. The noise outside became louder and louder. After thinking about it, I went downstairs and prepared to have a breakfast with the old man who liked poisoning. By this time, the fight at the door seemed to be over, and the bodies of about four or five people were lying on the ground, while the other two who were still standing did not run, but stayed where they were, smiling and chatting, as if all this had nothing to do with them. And the moment I saw them, there was a wry smile on my face. That's to say, I've been so unlucky recently that I can meet him anywhere. Without saying a word, I turned and ran back to the inn, hurriedly trying to get back to my room, but as soon as I stepped up the stairs, I felt a flash of darkness in front of my eyes, and the way was blocked. There's no need to run as soon as you see me, is there? He Well, remember in the game he seems to be called Xiao Xiao Wanyue? He stood in front of me and looked at me with a teasing face. Although my heart has no good feelings for the south, but after all, different from Vinoran, for him … I'm just unhappy in my heart, not to the point of fear. At most, they just want to run away subconsciously. Now that I couldn't walk, I smiled softly and said, "What's the matter with you?" "I haven't been offline all night and I'm waiting for you here." Yeah. So he knew I was staying at this inn? Only because the rooms in the inn are not open to anyone except the tenants. But it won't be a good thing if he waits for me here, will it? So what? "You seem to hate me?" With the words, he approached me step by step with a playful smile, until I was forced to lean against the wall on my back, and I could even feel the heat of his breath,Whirlpool bathtub, but there was still no tendency to stop. Annoyed in my heart, "Shuiyue" blurted out.. Only then did I discover that my sister's training was really effective. If I had put it in the past, I would have forgotten to take the initiative to attack myself. monalisa.com
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