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I am the God of death in online games (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
The miserable cry sounded again, the black soul gushed out crazily from my body like a royal bee again, I felt that I was about to be sucked dry in great pain, every soul gushed out like pumping my blood out of my body, the number of souls in the ring reached XXXXX was gushing out crazily at the speed of tens of seconds, and my body formed a black vortex. Like a black hole, the evil spirits from the deepest part of hell are venting their deepest curses on me. I can't notice what's happening outside at all. The rapidly gushing soul has completely occupied my sight and spirit. In my mind, besides pain or pain, the black whirlpool envelops me. I don't know how far the NPC of the Imperial City is from me, how long the soul release has been going on, and how many souls have been released. Without realizing it My spirit has reached its limit. Although the mother of the world keeps me awake and doesn't let me pass out. It was also the negative reaction of this ultimate trick, but the pain I suffered was far more than I could bear. In the extreme mental instability, I fainted half awake. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Xinxin's slightly reproachful but concerned face. Moer is sleeping beside my bed like last time. And the blood is missing. He opened his eyes feebly. At this time, I felt that my eyelids were very heavy, my body was weak, my brain was very painful, and the muscles on my body were cramping from time to time for no reason, which brought me strong pain from time to time. He opened his mouth slightly to cry out in pain. , but unable to speak. Xinxin obviously noticed that I had woken up, and her face immediately showed an expression of concern. Xinxin said in a slightly discontented tone: "Don't push, don't talk,endless pool swim spa, and go back to sleep." I sighed in my heart and did it according to Xinxin's command. My eyelids sank again, and I fell asleep again. When I woke up again, I looked at the electronic clock on the wall. "What's the date today, Mo?" He asked hurriedly. "Master, today is the 3rd." Moer's eyes are full of concern, whispering. Haven't seen me for two weeks. Mo Er must be very concerned about me, think of here my heart can not help but surge with a sweet, looking at Mo Er my mouth can not help but pull up a warm smile. "Number 3.." It starts in one day. I murmured to myself,outdoor spa manufacturers, the opening of the world's first tournament is tomorrow, so I have to rest today, and I will enter the game immediately tomorrow. But How did I end up in Japan? All of a sudden There was a tearing pain in my head. At the thought of the word "Japan", my head began to ache involuntarily. I held my head in my cracked mouth. I frowned deeply and endured the pain on the bed. I could only hear Weng Weng's voice in my ear. I knew that Mo'er was talking in my ear, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. "Master.." Master Moer's voice echoed in my ears, gently, her delicate little hands covered my ears, instead of my hands. Mo'er's voice, like a magic sound, gradually stabilized me. The gentle voice lingered in my ear, and I could feel her putting her lips to my ear and comforting me softly. With her gentle voice, my pain was slowly decreasing: "Master …" Not afraid of. Moer is here with you. Master, don't be afraid.. Moer is here and won't leave you. Master, be good. Had it not been for the pain, my face at this time must have been a wry smile, whirlpool hot tub spa ,outdoor endless pool, Moer actually treated me as a child to coax, it is estimated that the slave city taught them how to be a good nanny when it learned. Pain is still maintained, but gradually reduced, Mo Er constantly in my ear softly comfort, warm tone gently blowing in my ear, is very comfortable.
Before I knew it, a pair of warm cherry lips were printed on my side face. I felt a shock in my heart. Suddenly, the warmth spread like flowers. Subconsciously, I turned my face sideways, stretched out my hands trembling with pain and mental consumption, gently held Moer's pretty face, and kissed her warm lips. Melt in your mouth This is my first feeling, Mo Er's passion let me instantly forget all the pain, forget to kiss this precious cherry lips, I slightly force, Mo Er was brought into bed by me, and my whole person directly pressed on her body, passionately kissed. A smooth uvula gently touched my upper lip, as if a signal, I automatically opened my mouth slightly, spit out my tongue and Mo'er lingering together, and the hands gradually became dishonest, Mo'er's coat was unconsciously receded by me, my big hand has grasped Mo'er's chest about D. "Woo.." The sound of sobbing came from Moer's mouth, and a pair of small hands grabbed my coat and took it off. In the meantime . I was startled, sighed, and hurried back. I almost couldn't control myself and broke Moer. My heart can not help but be frightened, cold sweat brush to flow, if today I accidentally ate the ink that thing can be a big hair, although I know Xinxin and ink both people will not say anything about it, but I will definitely have a big headache for this, as for the reason before I have said, eating represents responsibility, before I can not be sure that I have enough strength to protect the ink, I won't touch her, and there is a little sadness in the firmness, which makes me more sure that I can't eat the ink now. "Master.." Moer's face flushed, slightly panting, winking like silk, lying on the bed and calling me softly. I saw this scene and felt hot in my heart, and almost jumped on it directly. He shook his head vigorously. I hopped off the bed and rushed straight into the bathroom. The door seems to be locked. But I, who had been tempered by life and death to the point of infinite strength, directly regarded the iron lock as nothing, and the bathroom door was suddenly knocked open by me. "I rely on!!!" Micro Leng looked at the eyes covered with bath water a little red is humming blood, as well as her two wandering in the mysterious garden of the jade finger, that back in the bath of the charming expression, I can not help but scold out. For a moment, the blood son opened his eyes, frowned gently,endless swim pool, cherry lips slightly open, pretty face for some reason and very red, with a little doubt and can not believe the expression asked: "Xige …" This monalisa.com
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