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Quickly wear the scum of the strategy. (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
At the moment of opening the door, a group of grotesque people, led by the monitor of the university, all quieted down at the sight of Rong Si. Meanwhile, in the coffee shop on the side of the hotel. Fu Yankai looked at Lin Ruidong sitting in front of him with an expressionless face and sneered. Come on, call me out to talk about what? I don't think we have anything to talk about! Chapter 92 ex-husband's revenge (7). "I heard people say that some time ago, because of your mood, you went out racing in the middle of the night and almost fell off a cliff." "Heard?"? Listen to who? "Aunt Fu." It's her. Well, what did she say? Say that I am impulsive and irritable, say that I am self-willed, childish and ignorant, say that I fool around outside all day long, or say that she almost knelt down in front of me, I am still unrelenting, unwilling to forgive her impulsive son, and even at any time may reveal this scandal, the meaning of breaking up. Is that why you asked me out on purpose and told me not to be impulsive and that everything could be discussed? Fu Yankai looked coldly at the man in front of him and said sarcastically. Why did he know so much about what Aunt Fu might be spreading outside? Not because she has been in the Fu family do not know how many times, do not know how many times to brainwash the family, the Fu family is flourishing, but the rich family,best whirlpool tub, almost all of them are like that, the feelings between each other are not very deep, and now everyone who is nagged by this aunt feels that Fu Yankai is such an impulsive person. It is very likely that they will do irrational things because of their resentment. Even after Gu Minglang and Lin Lanshan come back, he may do something harmful to the interests of the family because of revenge. The big family is the same, a loss of all loss, a glory of all glory, this matter is really exposed, not only lost the face of Fu Yankai,outdoor whirlpool, they other Fu family, Gu family, and even the face of the Lin family are lost. This is also the main reason why Lin Ruidong asked Fu Yankai to come here. As soon as he saw that his words had not all been spoken, Fu Yankai seemed to have known the news he had heard, and roughly understood that Gu Minglang's mother, I'm afraid, had really said a thousand times in front of Fu Yankai, so that as soon as he opened his mouth, Fu Yinkai could know what he said next. So he almost did useless work today, but at least let him understand Fu Yankai's wishes, he knew that he could know to say these things, afraid that he did not move those ideas, that was enough. Although Lin Ruidong is a doctor, he is still a member of the Lin family in B city. The family's education makes him think about everything from the family level. What's more, hot tub wholesale ,5 person hot tub, it also involves his own sister. Although they don't see much because of their parents' divorce, they are always biological brothers and sisters. No matter what happens to each other, he needs to consider for her. Now that you can say so, I know roughly that I was used as a gun today, and I came here for nothing today. I'm sorry to waste your time. Said Lin Ruidong politely apologized, then slowly got up, it seems to want to leave, "today even if I invite you out and a cup of coffee, I have something to do in the hospital, you slow.." Seeing that Lin Ruidong was about to leave, Fu Yankai's eyes became colder and colder. According to his understanding, Lin Ruidong, a man who studied medicine with Gu Minglang, had a lot of common topics with him. During the time when Gu Minglang went abroad to be an exchange student in his senior year, he was an alumnus. It can be said that even if they did not have the relationship of Lanshan, they could still become good friends who sympathized with each other. He was not familiar with him at all. If it were not for Lanshan, he would not have crossed paths with this man.
The other side knows from beginning to end what happened between the three of them, and Gu Minglang is so close, who knows whether he knows where the two are hiding abroad, if he knows that he has been helping them hide it. "Wait." Fu Yankai opened his mouth, "I heard that Master Lin has been hiring people to investigate the addresses of my wife and Gu Minglang. I don't know what progress has been made." Wife two words, Fu Yankai bite particularly heavy, at the same time staring at Lin Ruidong's face, as if to see what flaws. Hearing this, Lin Ruidong looked down at him. He saw clearly the unwillingness and resentment in the man's eyes. In the final analysis, this man was the same as Rong Si. He was just a victim. After thinking about it, he took out a stack of photos from his pocket and threw them on the table. My people have found photos and messages of the two of them in a famous coffee shop in France. They should have gone there not long ago. Recently, the Lin family is searching in France, hoping to bring them back together as soon as possible. Lin Ruidong explained. But he found that Fu Yankai did not listen to his explanation at all. He just stared at the photo he was still on the table. A man and a woman in the photo, the woman was beautiful and enchanting, and the man was handsome and handsome. They were leaning against each other, their foreheads touching each other, and they were very intimate. The smile at the corners of their mouths was particularly brilliant. There were two messages on the other one. Lin Lanshan: Finally found the meaning of their own survival, life may need to be so crazy once, rather than step by step, compromise, mutual deception. Gu Minglang: Meet her, make such a choice, I think I will never regret! The date of signature was the second day they disappeared together. Staring at these photos, Fu Yankai's eyes turned red, "roll." "I will bring them both back as soon as possible, and then it's up to you to decide." "Get out!" With a sudden wave of his hand, Fu Yankai brushed all the coffee on the table and the photos to the ground, and all the coffee spilled on the photos. Fu Yankai had never seen these photos in the original plot, just because Lin Ruidong had never taken them out of his pocket from the beginning, and he had always wanted to hide them for his sister. Unfortunately,whirlpool hot tub, now that he had met Rong Si, he had another idea. Everyone has the right to know the truth, and should not blindly conceal and manipulate the real direction of things according to his own preferences. monalisa.com
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