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Limit exchange space _ 20200215155746. (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
But the virtual beast has survived for many years, he has long been indifferent, consciousness can still exist, in fact, he simply does not care, before Yi Chi came, he was also sleeping in the dark, and death is not much different. Now knowing that he was about to disappear completely, he felt very relaxed in the heart of the virtual beast, as if an important thing was about to be completed, and the burden on his body could finally be put down! In the endless years of the virtual beast, the first half of the memory is the time spent with his companions who were born at the same time as him. In those days, they traveled carefree on the land of virtual beasts, and they even left the land of nothingness, wandering in the endless void by virtue of their natural particularity. They know where the edge of the land of nothingness is, they have been to any corner of the land of nothingness, and they have even seen the existence of countless saints who could not believe it. They have proudly created countless lives on the land of nothingness. When some of them chose to incarnate all things, they were sad, they suffered, and at that time,Chinese spa manufacturer, they were divided into two factions. The faction represented by the virtual beast feels that the change of history is inevitable. Even the most powerful existence will fall one day. As the second batch of creatures born in nothingness, they should follow the footsteps of the first batch of creatures. The other part is that they have the freedom of choice, should not follow this designed principle, they can exist forever, they do not need to choose to sacrifice themselves to help others. Eventually they separated, and some of them chose to follow the footsteps of the first batch of creatures, devoting themselves to the land of nothingness. Some of them turned into thousands of creatures,endless swimming pool, some into underground mineral deposits, and some into mountains and rivers. And his virtual beast is transformed into three parts. As the top existence in the second batch of creatures, his blood has been transformed into a powerful virtual beast group, his body has been transformed into thousands of virtual Lingbao in the nothingness continent, and his idea is to inherit his last wish, waiting for countless Hongji, just to find the most suitable successor to inherit his lineage. It is undeniable that in the process of waiting, his ideas have changed for a time, but when things come to this day, he is unprecedented relaxed, as if just at the beginning of birth, the feeling of nothingness for me, I for nothingness. He is deeply infatuated with this world, but he does not exist in the form of substance, hot tub manufacturers ,endless swim spa, but will become a part of the world, with him forever watching the creatures of this world, watching them step by step forward, struggle! Dou Shen Relics Chapter 806 Eighty-one Airflows (First Watch) Chapter 806 eighty-one air currents (first watch). He took a deep look at the human beings in front of him. &. 《》. Fastest Update * * The virtual beast did not know whether the slightly slippery but mysterious human in front of him could inherit his inheritance, but he knew that the human in front of him had his own peculiarities, which alone made him very likely to succeed. Human, I don't care how mysterious you are, go! Go and be tested! If you can pass, then everything here will be open for you, go, go! With the voice of the virtual beast more and more distant, the picture in front of Yi Chi suddenly distorted and transformed, and when Yi Chi's line of sight was restored to Pure Brightness again, he was already in a piece of nothingness. Nothingness, if you understand, then you will pass the test, if you do not understand, then you do not have the qualifications to inherit my last wish, now, work hard! The voice of the virtual beast still echoed in the nothingness and could not be dispersed for a long time. Yi Chi's eyes quickly glanced around one side. At this time, he seemed to be in nothingness, but he knew clearly that he was not in nothingness. If it was really nothingness, he would have died long ago. How could he shake his head and look around like this. Yi Chi didn't know where this was, and he didn't know what the virtual beast made him feel, but he knew that if he couldn't pass the test, everything before would go up in flames.
But Yi Chi is confident to pass this test, not because he has seen anything, but because he has confidence in himself, that's all. Sitting cross-legged, Yi Chi stared at the space around him. Yi Chi doesn't know what nothingness is like, but here it is like the nothingness in Yi Chi's heart. It is dark all around, but it seems to be very bright. You can see the distant distance clearly, and you may not see the palm of your hand in front of you. There is often a trace of black air flowing through the nothingness. Yi Chi did not understand why the dark nothingness could clearly see the same black airflow, but he actually saw it. In the nothingness, Yi Chi seems to feel that he has become an ordinary person, waving his hand will feel a burst of fatigue, he can no longer step forward billions of miles, a foot can only cross the distance of one meter. At this time, Yi Chi was like an ordinary person, sitting quietly in nothingness, with black air currents flying over his eyes. Yi Chi sat so quietly that he was still thinking about this test at the beginning, but as time went by, that little thought disappeared. \\9v k。 Starters don't think or do anything in their minds. Yi Chi's eyes never blink. His eyes are always focused on the front and never move half a minute. Time passed bit by bit, Yi Chi did not know how much time he had been sitting in this nothingness, he only knew that he had forgotten a lot of things. What's your name? Where do you come from? What are you doing here? Why sit all the time? He did not remember more and more things,outdoor whirlpool tub, gradually, Yi Chi's mind only left a few figures still exist, the rest are disappeared. monalisa.com
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