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Invincible Login Gift Pack System (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
The old man went out for a long time and didn't come back until noon. Looking at the smile on his face, it was obvious that those'conscientious people 'had already got the corresponding consequences. A bunch of rats, also want to attack my family? What's more shameless is that you want to take away the ancestral temple of my family. How can you be honored by this geomantic treasure land? Bu Feitian sat in the hall and sneered. Then he shook his head and sighed, "It's a pity that there are still a few people who haven't found out." It turned out that the real purpose of those people was the treasure land of the ancestral temple of the Bujia family. Buqingyun nodded his head repeatedly. The ancestral temple was vigorous and atmospheric, but there was something extraordinary about it. No wonder it was peeped at. Grandpa, are you crazy? "No, the two men somehow searched their whole family and couldn't find it.". That's hateful! The old man grinned and said that it was obvious that he had a deep hatred for the Gou family. Bu Qingyun didn't want to hide it any more, so he told the story that he was already the Four Heavens of Refining Body and that Gou Kuang had been there. Naturally, he didn't say that he had killed Gou Sheng's sword, and how to break Gou Kuang's palm print and give all the credit to the old man's'crazy 'moment. What Refining the body and the four heavens? Bu Feitian did not care that the two men'died 'in his hands, but was stunned and asked loudly with a face of disbelief. This How is that possible?! It's less than seven days. Even if the crazy grandson has superior and inferior aptitude, it took him seven years to reach the five-fold heaven of refining body, which is not easy, is the capital of genius … And you "" The old man could not go on. He was standing and then sat down on the chair, closed his eyes, touched his temple with his right hand, and waved his left hand to the door of the hall, meaning that he needed to calm down! It takes a little time to accept this fact. Step Qingyun did not say much, shrugged his shoulders and went out,massage bathtub manufacturers, causing the old man's headache, he can have thousands of unwilling, but. In fact, he has no way. Originally, he wanted to say that he would break through again in a short time, so he silently swallowed the words back into his stomach. As the saying goes, people are in high spirits when it comes to happy events, not to mention one after another. Seven-day gift! Fire beast eggs! Kill Gou Shengjian,whirlpool bathtub, in addition to one of the hatred of the heart, but also the humiliation of beating! He also dissolved the palm print of the master of the Eight Heavens with a broken face! These good things made him very happy. Back in the room, he took out the palm-sized silver egg from the primary storage bag tied around his waist, his cheeks ruddy and excited. "Eggs of inflamed animals need to be nourished by True Qi.." Looking at the palm-sized silver egg placed on the table, Buqingyun frowned, thinking about how to nourish and incubate the inflamed beast with True Qi. He tried to run the Bujia Divine Skill, which aroused the True Qi immersed in the Dantian and slowly overflowed towards his hands. Bu Qingyun's palms suddenly shone with a slight blue light, and the True Qi flowed out, winding around the silver egg, and then the blue light penetrated in. This went on for some time, until beads of sweat rose from his forehead and stopped. There was only a trace of True Qi left in his body. He showed a tired expression and shook and exclaimed, "The speed of absorbing True Qi is too fast and too overbearing?!" Shocked at the same time also mixed with a trace of excitement, inflammation beast eggs so absorbed, jacuzzi suppliers ,endless swimming pool, hatched out must be extraordinary, I am afraid than the powerful monster on the mainland of the sky on a few points. The more he thought about it, the more he looked forward to the silver egg hatching, which level of monster it would be, and then he calmed down, put aside all his thoughts, immersed in the beauty of practice, the corners of his mouth slightly curved, obviously enjoying it. Hatching eggs is a big project, and it will take some time. Not long after Buqingyun entered the meditation, the old man came to the door at the right time. Through the paper window, he saw his grandson sitting cross-legged on the big bed, with a happy smile on his face. He had come to ask what was going on, but when he saw that his grandson was so serious and did not waste a trace of time to practice, he did not want to disturb him. After watching for a while, he walked away. At this time, the house of the Bu family was scattered and pitted. As soon as Bu Feitian saw this, he showed an embarrassed expression. He shook his head and said, "It seems that it really needs to be repaired. I don't know how much silver the bank still has available." Then he strode out of the door. When the people in the street market saw the old man, they all whispered to each other.
"Bu Feitian is not crazy!"! Did he pretend to be crazy before? The scream in the early hours of the morning is the best proof! Unexpectedly, the flourishing Gou family was destroyed overnight. "Look at him in high spirits, is it a breakthrough?"? Became the fifth monk of the Nine Heavens? Otherwise, how can we destroy the Gou family like this? I think it must be! The previous act was supposed to draw out those who were plotting to step into the family. It was a wonderful move. I also heard that several families had disappeared in one day! Perfect counterattack! The people in the city have one more thing to talk about. What happened in the past few days is like a lake blown by the wind, rippling, round and round. Not long after, step Feitian led a group of people back to step home to tidy up, up to the hall down to the latrine, the door is also re-repair. Two masters, I have an idea. Is it feasible? The old man asked the two old carpenters who were measuring the width of the gate. These two people are somewhat flattered, usually those families to find them are arranged by the servants, and they have the final say what to do, now the old master of the step family is so polite, they looked at each other and replied: "The old master of the step family you don't need to do so, just order it." "I wonder if the gate could be made of molten iron?" "Make an iron gate?" The older carpenter frowned slightly and continued, "It's not impossible, but if the iron gate is washed by rain for a long time, it will not only rust, but also have a bad smell of iron. Besides, it's difficult to open the iron gate." As if waking up from a dream, the old man could not help shaking his head with a wry smile. He had wanted to make the gate of his house strong, but it seemed that this method would not work. Just then, Bu Qingyun, who had been disturbed to practice, stepped forward and asked the two old carpenters,jacuzzi bath spa, "Excuse me, two old masters, what kind of wood can bear the heat and weight of molten iron?" "Do you want to make a house door with wood outside and iron inside?" One of them thought of Bu Qingyun's question. monalisa.com
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