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Big idol (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
"A physical fitness coach, a vocal music teacher, a songwriting teacher." At this point, Yue Dongshao paused and looked at Li Junyi and said with a smile, "Of course, our company has the best songwriting teacher candidate, but he is too busy to teach students. Flash Dongshao's words made everyone laugh." A modern dance teacher. ". Yang Zhenzai, Xu Jun and Song Enyi are not good at modern dance, but modern dance is an effective dance for self-cultivation, which is necessary. Speaking of this, Yuedong looked at Li Junyi again. Li Junyi's modern dance was excellent. Although he didn't say anything this time, Liu Xizhen burst out laughing again. Shining East was not affected and went on to say, "An acting teacher, a posture teacher.". A Chinese teacher and an English teacher. Speaking of this, leap east burning just stopped, just said a lot, obviously Li Junyi has expected the purpose of inviting these teachers, he can be trained from the trainee season. These teachers will officially begin to work in December, but just listen to the evening far said that everyone has a holiday, so these teachers estimate that it is better to start working in January, can save the salary in December said here, leap east burn also did a wipe sweat action, let Liu Xizhen and Wu Milin two how,american hot tub, people snicker at the side, "fortunately, the contract has not been signed, I will fax New York there." Inform Lynch to change the employment time. Li Junyi has guessed, obviously "Yi family" is ready to recruit trainees, all the teachers have been recruited, the next step is to post a notice, began to recruit trainees. This kind of activity, at the beginning of the year,garden jacuzzi tub, Li Zhunyi also saw that the company held it, but unexpectedly, at the end of the year, his company also started to do it. Come to think of it, the development of the "Yi family" is really striding forward. Although compared to the roar and. A big company like this, "the Yi family.". No qualifications, no foundation, and even artists are only Lee Jun-yi. "But in terms of momentum," Yi Family "seems to be the most news brokerage company in the past year, and it does have the qualifications to recruit trainees. I just don't know what kind of scene it will be when recruiting trainees, how many people will come, and how many people will be interviewed. These are all questions worth pondering. After the report of Yuedong Burning, Hong Chengxian mentioned the album and TV series again. The main reason for mentioning the album now is that Hong Chengxian needs to know when the three albums will be prepared, so that he can start to work on the strategy and publicity. The TV drama is because there are more than a dozen scripts piled up on his hands, and he asked Li Junyi if he had the will to choose. However, Li Junyi let Hong Chengxian and others pick first. Recently, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub, he will devote his main energy to the activities at the end of the year, and then make an album. The TV series is not urgent for the time being. Besides, since April, Li Junyi has been filming for six or seven months in a row, and the whole person really needs to slow down. Next, I talked about advertising, endorsements, and clothing sponsorship. These things are now done by every little person. Finally, I talked with Lin Xiyuan. Although there are few people in the company now, everyone is independent, so it has been running smoothly. With the rise of Li Zhunyi's popularity, Wang Zuoliang also increased a lot, Lin Xiyuan also decided to expand Li Zhunyi's work team. First of all is to reduce the burden of Liu Xizhen, Lin Xiyuan now has Piao Zhenyu helper, not very tired, but Liu Xizhen is different, a person is an assistant and makeup, hairstyle. Had it not been for the fact that Jin Baolan and Li Junyi had made up their minds, Liu Xizhen would have been exhausted. So. Lin Xiyuan decided to recruit a makeup artist and a hair stylist to share the work for Liu Xizhen. Liu Xizhen concentrates on his assistant's work. In addition, Liu Xizhen will be given a deputy to help with some errands. In addition to these basic equipment, Lin Xiyuan also prepared to recruit two bodyguards for Li Junyi, since the last hand, Lin Xiyuan has been thinking about this matter, but several times were rejected by Li Junyi. This time Lin Xiyuan and Xu Jingyan mentioned, Xu Jingyan immediately nodded, so he ignored Li Junyi's protest and decided to recruit two bodyguards to protect Li Junyi's safety at the end of the year.
"Xiyuan brother, should also recruit a broker Li Junyi's words let Lin Xiyuan show a puzzled expression, Li Junyi is smiling," after recruiting trainees, shouldn't there be a broker to manage them. Only then did Lin Xiyuan suddenly realize that everyone had obviously forgotten this stubble. But Yue Dongshao said, "first look at how many trainees to recruit, and then decide how many brokers to recruit." Lin Xiyuan nodded, indeed, it doesn't matter if there are fewer people, but if there are more people, you need a few more brokers. At this point, things could not be clearer. Today, Li Junyi will attend this meeting in order to recruit trainees. Although other things are important, it is not necessary for Li Junyi to be present. As for the trainee, it is the "Yi family". The first step towards a large brokerage company, the second step is naturally to have more artists, relying solely on Lee Jun-yi to support the overall situation, "Yi family.". But it is doomed that there is no way to go up another floor. Therefore, for a long time, Xu Jingyan, Lin Xiyuan and others have been planning to recruit trainees, and now it is finally going to start running. This recruitment of trainees is not like a TV talent show, where you put up an advertisement, shout a few slogans, and let everyone participate. If the "Yi family" has such great financial resources and holds interviews directly in various places, naturally someone will come to sign up: First, Li Junyi was recruited from China in this way. If "Yi family.". With Yin Yingjun's time and vision,hot tub spa manufacturers, it is also possible to find a group of talent scouts to dig around for potential people. If "Yi family.". Have enough time to wait, wait "a few.". It is also a good way to send good seedlings slowly. Unfortunately, none of this works. monalisa.com
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