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Regeneration Warriors of Online Games (25th Nov 22 at 5:36am UTC)
But the biggest consumption, which is also the easiest one to raise the blood pressure of the gang leaders in the gang war, is the compensation for the death of 0 players. Players fight to the death for the benefit or honor of the guild, but the loss of level and equipment can not be compensated, that is not justified in any case, although the victory of the guild is good for everyone, but the players who pay more should definitely get a pension, otherwise it will chill the hearts of the warriors. The last time I exterminated the bandits, I compensated each brother with five hundred gold coins. That was my intention. In fact, the pension of ordinary gangs is calculated according to the level of members. Take level 80 players as an example. They all belong to the level of professional players. In the game, they have the value of about 20 gold coins every day. Although it is possible to reduce losses by hanging a high-level temple once, normally, it still takes four or five days to add dozens of gold coins of medicine to practice back. At the same time, because the player drops the level, then is pulled down a section of distance by other people, the influence is very big, therefore the player's spiritual loss and the future recessive loss also cannot look down upon. Generally speaking, the compensation given to members by each player organization is more than 300 gold coins at level 80, 150 gold coins at level 70, and only 50 at level 60. As for level 90, they are basically people at the level of the gang leader. Do you still need compensation? Like the Sea and Sky Society, they are rich and powerful, and the level of pension is higher than other forces. According to the normal algorithm, three hundred gold coins, Gelong will attack this time, although it has a strong advantage, but Amazon has to prepare at least two thousand people to lose it, that is to say, the pension of five hundred thousand gold coins certainly can not run away. If some players explode one or two holy vessels without being grabbed by their own side, the gang will not be fully responsible, but it has to be said that if the explosion is an artifact. Therefore,China spa factory, the Gelong Club will consume at least 1300000 gold coins this time, and I am confident that this number can be greatly increased. One million gang war compensation can not make up for the loss of the Dragon Club, even if the reputation of the gang is not worth it, and if they fail, it is a tragic outcome. A player company, of course, the most important thing is money, emotional struggle should make way for it, if Amazon loses money this time, it is normal to be punished or even dismissed by the headquarters of Gelong Company. So, Amazon's gang war is totally betting on my stone to build the gang. I casually sent a message to Amazon: "Dear President of Amazon, if a few minutes before your victory, I will dig out the stone of Jianbang and take it away, would it be interesting?" This message is a bit of a prank, but I'm sure Amazon's face will be ugly now. I certainly don't expect to use this well-intentioned "reminder" to make Amazon change its mind and withdraw the challenge, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi swim spa, but the power of this message will never be less than the combined power of 10,000 advanced players. Let Amazon know that if he can't get the stone to build the gang, he will definitely lose money, then he will greatly lack the courage to gamble, so that he can save as much cost as possible in the battle, timid, and any decision he makes will be under heavy pressure. After the psychological tactics, I was in distress when I looked at the vigorous work of my brothers. An ordinary magic pillar and arrow tower cost more than ten gold coins, and an advanced magic pillar costs fifty gold coins. In ten hours, this item will cost more than four thousand gold coins. Trap organs, man-eating flowers and trees, fortifications and so on, according to the current progress, also need nearly ten thousand gold coins. The scariest thing is, after a gang war, even if each of the brothers only hangs once, how much do I have to compensate them. This war was originally a common thing for the whole gang, and the money for pensions and medicines should be taken out by the gang. But at present, the main donor to the gang is me, a super rich man. Apart from the fact that the basic fund of the gang is 1 million yuan, which can not be touched, my other donation of 1 million yuan has been almost used up. Set up a company, build a gang, build a village, build the city, buy equipment to do the task, this period of time to get down, my real account has only three thousand world coins, and now I have to transfer another ten million to spare.
Could it be that in a dozen hours, I, once a "quasi-billionaire", will become a pauper? < a href = http://www.cmfu.com > Qidian Chinese Network www.cmfu.com welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! [/url] Chapter 31 array magic Updated 2006-12-23 13:43:00 Words: 3322 But the spirit of unity of the brothers still made me feel warm. When I saw the sharp drop in the gang's funds, many players in the gang spontaneously donated money to the gang. Although they were not rich, each of them had dozens of gold coins, and they had collected hundreds of thousands. Rick donated ten thousand gold coins. To my surprise, the guy who loved money also donated ten thousand. Moved in the heart, suddenly found Song Yun in front of the gang everywhere with stones. I walked over strangely and asked him what he was doing. Song Yun smiled faintly: "Deployment." Don't you have to use the drawings to deploy the array? As long as you click "use" on the drawing, an array will be set up naturally. This is the first time I have seen someone set up like this. Song Yun smiled: "What others use is the array method chart, but what I use is the advanced array magic and the deployment method book, this is'talks about the star old man 'to teach me." I ah ah, know what this means, as long as you have the deployment method book, you do not have to consume the array map, I did not know that the old man who plays chess has such a good treasure! When Song Yun saw me rushing toward the Friendship City, he quickly pulled me: "Master, the old man Tan Xing left half a month ago. Moreover, he said that his ability could only be passed on to two people at most in his life. Well, it was me and Xiaozhi.." I wanted to cry without tears. If I had known this,outdoor hot tub, I would have spent all my time drinking and playing chess with the old man, but I thought that playing chess was a useless skill, and it was meaningless to practice my chess skills when I was promoted to the senior third class. I didn't think there was a mystery in it. monalisa.com
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