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If the wind makes you cool in summer, the mysterio (25th Nov 22 at 5:40am UTC)
"Mmm." Xiao Lengting ran out happily, proud that he could share the housework for the beginning of summer, and relieved to see him leave the beginning of summer. For the first time, she knew that other people's cooking was for money, and Xiao Lengting's cooking was deadly! It's better not to let him enter the kitchen in the future. There was no accident when he washed the fruit, but Xiao Lengting was no longer allowed to enter the kitchen at the beginning of the summer. He came in to make a mess for himself. Brother Ting, the guests will come soon. You go to greet the guests. It's good to have me here. At the beginning of the summer, he saw the man who had been staring at him, and his eyes were full of bitterness. Xiao Lengting probably also knew that he would only add confusion to the early summer, he wanted to help, but the other side was afraid to add confusion to her again, only so tangled standing in the doorway, some bitterness and some heartache. I just want to see you. At the beginning of summer, she always felt that the man was standing behind her like a wake, which made her panic. "Why don't you follow him to make dumplings when brother Ting comes over later?" As soon as the voice fell, the doorbell rang. "Someone is coming. Brother Ting, go and open the door." "Good." Xiao Lengting had to turn around and leave, not knowing who had come so soon, and when he opened the door, he saw that it was Xiao Yang. You came quickly. "Of course,ceramic bobbin heater, it's not that I don't know that you have to put half a catty of brown sugar water in it. Get out of the way. I'm here to help my little demon." Xiao Yang got off the plane and came directly without a rest all the way. He followed his own home, took the initiative to change his shoes and went straight to the kitchen, if Xiao Lengting had a beard at the moment, he must have been so angry that he blew his beard and stared. Xiao Yang took off his overcoat, unbuttoned his sleeves, and rolled them up to his elbows, looking like he was going to show off his skills. Xiao Lengting did not believe that Xiao Yang could cook, after all,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, Xiao Yang was busy managing the company every day, how could he have time to cook? He was still waiting to see Xiao Yang's joke, so he followed him to the kitchen. Yang Yang, are you here so early? "No, I know you have to cook it yourself. I don't think someone can help me. I booked a plane earlier. Are these dishes to be cut?" "Well, you cut it for me." At the beginning of summer, a person was really busy. Xiao Lengting hugged his hands and wanted to see Xiao Yang's knife work. When he cut ginger himself, he disassembled eight pieces, all kinds of unevenness. What is this potato going to do? Xiao Yang first washed his hands and looked very professional. Some of them are curry chicken, some of them are fried with shredded potatoes, and some of them are reserved for later. I'll look at the dishes later. "Yes." Xiao Yang quickly cut potatoes with a knife, and curry chicken is cut into lumps, which is relatively simple. When Xiao Lengting saw the potato pieces of the same size on the chopping board, he snorted coldly in his heart that I could do this, ceramic bobbin element ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, too, just cut them into pieces. The real test of knife work is the next slicing and shredding, Xiao Yang will cut the pieces on the plate, the action is quick and never sloppy. He took a bigger potato and began to slice it, and Xiao Lengting only heard the sound of the "da-da-da" blade on the chopping board. Okay, so fast! He looked stunned, originally thought that Xiao Yang's level was the same as his own, but now he realized that he was wrong, very wrong. Xiao Yang seemed to have known for a long time that Xiao Lengting was going to see him make a fool of himself. While cutting vegetables, he said, "When the little demon came to the United States, we had no money.". At that time, I had no money to eat well outside, so I would buy food and cook at home. Later, because of the busyness, the little demon's stomach disease became more and more serious. In order to make her stomach better, I changed the way to make her stomach and her favorite food, and I developed a good cooking skill. Although there was no pride in Xiao Yang's words, Xiao Lengting thought of her past, no matter how deep Xiao Yang was in her heart, he really didn't hate Xiao Yang at all. Had it not been for this man, there would have been no early summer today. It was he who gave early summer a new life and accompanied her through the years of suffering. Yes, at first we were in a hurry, and then we thought that since we had to cook at home every day, it would be better to cook a little better, at least we should please ourselves. Yang Yang took most of the things on himself, specially on the Internet tutorial, he knows I like to eat Chinese food, spent a lot of time to study, his cooking is much better than me.
” At the beginning of the summer, he looked up and smiled at Xiao Yang. Only they had this tacit understanding. Xiao Lengting some envy, also not angry, he just secretly determined, and so on after the New Year he should not go to a cooking training class? "Brother Ting, someone is coming again. Go and open the door quickly. Leave the kitchen to me and Yang Yang." "Good." Xiao Lengting turned and left. Chapter 652 harmony. The second to arrive is Si Han, Si Ze and Xiao Mier, just open the door to the superior Si Ze that enlarged handsome face. Dang Dang Dang. surprise。” Si Ze is holding a big cake. Xiao Lengting frowned, "are you out of your mind when you send cakes for the Spring Festival?" "It's not creative to send those supplements and so on. This is a special cake I ordered. I'm sure you'll be surprised to see it." See that stooge general Si Ze, Xiao Lengting really do not know how this Si Han and Si Ze can be two brothers? It is clear that the characters of these two people are poles apart, and they are very different. With a cold face, as if someone owed him tens of millions of yuan, he was much more stable and gave Xiao Lengting the carton in his hand. Happy New Year. On his expression, Xiao Lengting felt that he was not having a New Year, and that he might have come to visit his grave. The two brothers turned a New Year into Tomb Sweeping Festival and Christmas. It's good to be here. Xiao Lengting took the gift. Xiao Mier also does not know how, today is more clever than before, Xiao Lengting's line of sight swept over her and Si Han,cordierite c520, also do not know what happened to these two people. It's cold outside. Come in. No matter what happens to them, they have nothing to do with themselves. Love is never something that others can participate in. Xiao Lengting welcomed several people in, and Si chose to look east and west. "Is this your love nest?"? Why is it so small? It's not like you at all. 。 global-ceramics.com
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