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Invincible login gift pack system _ 202002 1515554 (25th Nov 22 at 5:40am UTC)
Weeping startled the rainbow light emitted by the halberd, constantly absorbing the immortal soul of war. From time to time, the voice of system prompts resounded in Buqingyun's mind. Congratulations on the player's infinite weapon gaining one thousand experience points; Xiejing Halberd experience points: 1090010000. "Player unlimited weapon experience value is full, whether to upgrade?" Bu Qingyun didn't want to upgrade so quickly, because he was afraid that the experience value he would absorb would be less after he was promoted to the treasure level weapon. But because he was too excited and spoke too fast, he blurted out directly: "Confirm." "噔 . . . Congratulations on the player's success in upgrading the treasure level weapon of the weeping halberd 。 Next level escalation value: 90030000. Just as Buqingyun was about to be annoyed, the voice of the system prompt sounded again in his mind, and the unexpected experience value did not decrease because of the level increase, but increased! "Congratulations to player Unlimited Weapon for gaining 2,000 experience points.." Hearing this voice, he said that it was impossible not to be excited. Bu Qingyun reacted at once and said excitedly to himself: "This situation is like a level one to fight a level ten monster. The experience gained cannot be maximized." Inflammation is also a wheezing cry, its eyes are shining, how I hope I can absorb it, so that I can upgrade my level, protect my master, and fight side by side with my master! Now it is in the early stage of growth, that is, the peak of transformation, and its strength is the weakest. However, as long as it is upgraded, it is the peak of knowledge, which is not only enviable across a whole realm. It's the Jinglin Spirit Beast. This ancient beast will also be shocked by it! "Gollum.." Bu Qingyun and Yan were all focused on the rainbow light at this time, not hearing the strange sound, but even more unaware that the headless dragon bones were behind them! Without giving them any reaction, the huge tail of the bone dragon, which was several feet tall, was suddenly thrown away. Choo Choo.. Bu Qingyun and Yan Zhi heard the sharp sound of breaking the air in their ears before they reacted, but when they dodged and turned back in the future, they were thrown heavily and flew out directly, hitting the rock wall. Depressed in a human form. Wheezy! Because the body is small and exquisite, moreover,ceramic igniter electrodes, the person who slaps the dragon's tail is Bu Qingyun, who has not been hurt, and screams at this time. I want to fight with it. How could it stand by when its master was injured? Bu Qingyun gritted his teeth and came down from the rock wall. Facing the rock wall, his mouth and nose were bleeding at the same time. He shouted to the little guy who had already gone out: "Come back." This bone dragon inexplicably floating up, has been dead I do not know how many years of the dragon, but at the moment can still move! That means one thing, the immortal soul of the dragon is still there! And clung to that keel! The headless keel directly filled the hole in the ground, and Buqingyun would have worn the armor of the Yao guardian. I don't know how many times I have died at this time. This to flick the tail, not to mention him, is the general imperial air strong also can not stand! It can be seen how strong this powerful and domineering armor is! "Gollum.." The glittering and translucent keel, which was about a hundred feet long, made such a sound and was ready to attack. Fortunately, the speed was so slow that Buqingyun could easily dodge it. This made him happy, and he thought he would die here, but the keel, which had been silent for many years, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, seemed to be rusty. Without the support of flesh and blood, the speed becomes extremely slow. Choo Choo.. Is a record of the dragon wagging the tail to swing, step Qingyun foot step cloud virtual step, move shape transposition, easy to dodge the past. This headless keel doesn't make a sound. But it doesn't mean that the immortal soul of war attached to it is not good. Tear.. The shrill sound rang through, and it was huge. Can easily tear open the space of the dragon claw blow on the face, with a gust of wind and unmatched strength. Bu Qingyun was not hit, he felt like he had been pierced, his whole body was chilly, his face was startled, he quickly kicked the rock wall and flew away. Bang.. The original standing position was directly caught by the dragon's claws, which were as hard as tofu, and the dragon's claws sank in, stirring up a burst of dust, and the rubble splashed around.
At this time, the weeping halberd is still constantly overflowing with rainbow light, constantly absorbing the immortal war soul imprisoned by the broken blade of Xuanyuan Lao Zu, devouring the war soul with the broken blade as the medium, and turning it into its own experience value. Bu Qingyun did not know whether the sobbing halberd would give birth to a sword soul in the end, and there was such an expectation in his heart. Crash.. "Tear.." The jade dragon claw was pulled out of the tofu-like soil, and then it was grabbed by Buqingyun again, while the dragon's tail swept out, trying to block the direction of the escape. The dragon's claws were the size of a house, and the dragon's tail was so thick that it directly occupied the place where Buqingyun could dodge, forcing him into a desperate situation. Bu Qingyun's face changed greatly, and in the distance, Yan, who had been told not to start, began to cry out, and his big eyes were full of fear. Suddenly, it turned directly into its real size, like a tiger, wolf, jackal and leopard, covered with scales all over its body, and its red and white tail was like a scorpion's tail. Dragon claw and dragon tail suddenly go, step Qingyun can not avoid, in this desperate situation, he chose to step on the void, can just step on a few steps, it feels like stepping on the void, falling down! This is unprecedented! It turned out that the void had been torn apart by the powerful force, and he could not step on the void to maintain, so he would appear in the situation of stepping on the void. The body suddenly fell, and the dragon's claws were already caught. Grin.. Such as the sound of metal hit, but also burst out a string of sparks, the crystal like jade dragon claws like sharp thorns, trying to step through the hole. Now his whole body was cold, he broke out in a cold sweat, and he felt that he would be killed here, by such a powerful dragon,ceramic welding tape, although it was only the keel controlled by the immortal dragon soul, but it was still unmatched. Bu Qingyun grinned his teeth. The pain from all over his body made him almost pass out. He also murmured that the armor of the Yao guardian was so strong that it was not damaged at all, and the dragon's claws could not penetrate it! It is hard to imagine how powerful the Yao guardian was in those days. His armor alone was so shocking that even the Dragon Claw could resist it!. global-ceramics.com
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