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Go to the End of the World Alone _ Butterfly Blue (25th Nov 22 at 5:41am UTC)
…… But the next day, this matter unexpectedly was quarreled on the forum: a sword into the sky spitting everywhere affects the appearance of the city, the wind rustling accidental disfigurement, flying knife to a sword into the sky to challenge, in the face of Xiao's flying skill, a sword to the sky is also helpless.. This is the last word. The wind has come to Yangzhou at this time. The knife just now was a rainstorm knife. Although I tried my best, there should be no problem with a sword soaring into the sky. If he can't even hide from this, Feng Xiaoxiao can only be more confident about who is the first in Jianghu. Wind rustling did not dare to stay to see the results, a sword into the sky will be vindictive, wind rustling from the sword traceless body has seen too much. You can't throw a knife to take his life. Isn't that the only thing you can do is suffer losses and be beaten? So it's better to go. Unexpectedly, he was bound in the struggle with acquaintances because of his peerless martial arts. These guys, relying on their own can not bear to hurt their lives, will all bully themselves, the more the wind rustles, the more they feel that their future days will be very sad. I haven't acted alone for a long time, and I feel a special ease in the wind. First, I came to Yangzhou to see how Liu Yue is preparing. Second, if I see Jing Feng, hey,stainless steel tile edge trim, if conditions permit, I will not be stingy with the throwing knife in my hand. If conditions permit again, I will not be polite to his throwing knife. The weather in Yangzhou is as good as that in Xiangyang. As long as it doesn't rain, the weather is the same all over the country. Players feel uncomfortable, but the game company says it's for the balance of the game. No one can figure out what balance has to do with the weather. Just after two steps, the wind rustled and saw a familiar face. The fresh face of the flame appeared in front of the rustling wind, and the direction of his progress was either to go out of the city gate or to go to the post station. The flame also saw the wind rustling. Time seems to freeze in this moment,tile profile factory, and the people around seem to freeze in this moment. The big city of Yangzhou was transformed into a space with only two people in this moment. The wind did not come to feel each other's heartbeat, a shrill scream cut through the sky, two people's space was cut to pieces. Sound straight into the sky, the sound is "the wind rustling" three words, the wind rustling heard someone beside exclaimed: "Dolphin sound!" The flaming figure disappeared like a rocket from the wind's rustling eyes. Is incredible speed, the wind has to believe that there is potential in the game, perhaps in extreme fear can be stimulated. The flame has disappeared, but the players around are still staring at the wind, "wind" these three words, has always been a forbidden sentence in Yangzhou. The wind rustling was seen by everyone, and he began to suspect that the voice of the flame just now was not afraid of himself, but tactics. Wind Xiao Xiao also left the scene of the incident quickly, first sent a message to Liu Yue: "Where are you?" Liu Yue replied, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel tile edging, "What's the matter with eating?" Wind rustling wonder, now everyone is just on the line not long, how are all busy eating? A sword soaring into the sky is, and so is the flowing moon here. I came to see you. "So polite?" Asked Liu Yue? All right, come to the square and find me. Why is eating in the square? The wind rustled with doubts in his heart and walked towards the square. After walking three blocks, the wind rustled and felt that the atmosphere was not right. The street is fairly quiet, but it's not a corner alley. The breeze blows, the wind is rustling, because of the strange feeling in the heart, hard to smell out the strange taste from the wind. Is this the so-called murderous smell? The wind rustled and saw a man standing in the middle of the street ahead, dressed in black from head to toe. This is the standard configuration of "God Kill". Although the distance is still far, but the wind can feel the man staring at himself. The wind rustling could not bear it any longer. He used his flying skills and rushed over quickly, but the other side did not move. Ten meters away, the wind stopped, and he saw clearly that it was a frightened wind.
The wind rustling felt that the original tense atmosphere was gone all of a sudden, thinking that it was a mysterious figure, but it was an old friend! What's cool about this guy standing on the street? Probably waiting for their own, this flame, not only run fast, mouth is also very fast ah! The wind clasped his hands in front of his chest and stood in the middle of the street. "So it's you," he shouted. "What the hell are you doing?" The hands in front of his chest were not idle, and he had already taken a throwing knife, a "wind without shadow" and a "storm". WWw.xiAosHuotxt.COM Chapter 391 the first knife in the world. The wind has already understood why there are so few people on the street. It is a hidden weapon that devours the novel network between him and Jing Feng. Naturally, more space is needed. At the same time, there should be nothing between them to block the line of sight or the flight of hidden weapons, which is probably the purpose of the deliberate clearance of Jingfeng. However, he must have hoped in his heart that he had not blocked the wind, but it was impossible. Jing Feng answered coldly, "I'm waiting for you." "I know you are waiting for me, waiting for me to do what?" Jing Feng did not speak, the wind only felt a cold light in his right hand, a throwing knife had been pulled out of his hand at an unknown time. The wind rustled and cried, "Wow, is it so cool?"? Are you going to fight with me? "Are you afraid?" Asked Jing Feng. "That's not true," said Feng Xiaoxiao with a smile. "I just want to ask, are we fighting one by one according to the rules of Jianghu? Or am I alone with a group of you? Said to look around, looking for hidden murderous look. Feng Xiaoxiao absolutely does not believe that Jing Feng will be so creative to fight with himself on the street. Jing Feng glanced at the corner of his eye and shouted, "Don't talk nonsense..." When he said the first word, Jing Feng's hand had been raised, and when he finished the five words, the knife had flown out. Such a face-to-face single combat, the wind is already prepared, hiding is not a bit sloppy. At the same time as the startled hand was raised,aluminium edge trim, his men were already floating out, floating out horizontally. The place where the wind was standing was instantly like a pear tree, a pear tree full of white pear blossoms. jecatrims.com
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