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The Little Demon Queen of Hades _ Pai Pai Novel (25th Nov 22 at 5:43am UTC)
"Again!"! My name is Su Qiaoqiao! Trying to say every word calmly, thinking that she was "old" in the crowd, unwilling to get angry because of his words, always feeling as childish as a child. Little Qiaoer, that's how you call it. We're childhood sweethearts. Don't you want to talk to me when you have a fiance? Xie Zhiyan brazenly laughed and casually swept to Gu Yiyang, who was coming with the sword. His eyes flashed and he said with a smile, "Yiyang's swordsmanship has improved again!" "Are you still the same as before?" Gu Yiyang smiled and knew each other since he was a child. He understood that his mind was not in the way of practicing martial arts at all. Those books on swordsmanship make you dizzy. Why bother to suffer? Xie Zhiyan shook his head, looked at the red leaves all over the mountain, and said with a naughty smile, "If you had a sister, she would be a beautiful woman like a maple leaf!" "Humph!"! I can't take a fancy to you, Ruffian Childe! Su Qiaoqiao rolled his eyes, afraid that he would say anything more than a woman. Look at you! How can a young lady be as unruly and rude as you? Look at the daughter of Zhuo Fu, who has appearance and virtue.. Then what are you doing here? Go find her! Cover your ears. Why does she have to suffer like this? Ha ha, Zhiyan is still the same! Gu Yiyang smiled gently. Although he was only one year older than him, he had a calm temperament. Looked at a face of indignant people, said with a smile, "in fact, Qiaoqiao has its own good, do not have to compare with others!" "Yes!" Su Qiaoqiao bent her eyes and smiled. She put her hand on Gu Yiyang's arm and raised her head to Xie Zhiyan. "If you don't like it, don't always look at me. Go to the perfect goddess in your mind. Brother Yiyang likes me. Anyway, I want to be the wife of the young Villa Leader!" "Yes!"! I just think Miss Zhuo is good,shuttle rack system, so.. "Xie Zhiyan laughed," I heard that Miss Zhuo is going to live in Maple Leaf Villa. It doesn't matter if she gets the moon first. Yiyang, clean up a place for me! " "Good!" Gu Yiyang readily agreed. Su Qiaoqiao lowered her eyes, of course, she knew that what Xie Zhiyan said was just an excuse, but inadvertently made the game more interesting, if another person was added.. Maple Leaf Villa is the shrinking rivers and lakes. 。 [VIP] Chapter 14 Gathering at the Villa 2 Far away, a man came from the back door of the villa. It was Gu Yiyang's boy Wing Chun. Young Villa Leader,heavy duty cantilever racks, Miss Su, and Master Xie! Wing Chun saluted one by one, and his bright eyes blinked, "Young Villa Leader, Master Lin has arrived and is tasting tea in the flower hall!" "Yes!" Gu Yiyang nodded. Wing Chun leads the way, and when he arrives at the Flower Hall, the first thing he sees is not Lin Shaochu, but a beautiful woman. Dressed in a dark black silk skirt, full of a slender waist, graceful posture shows charming amorous feelings, but there is a trace of indifference at the tip of the eyebrow peak. Master Lin! Gu Yiyang walked in with a smile and looked at the woman slightly. Young Villa Leader, excuse me! "Lin Shaochu stood up and pointed to the woman and said," This is Miss Pomelo, the new top Maiko in Qingge Square. Will Young Villa Leader mind? " "No, please sit down!" Gu Yiyang has become accustomed to it. Lin Shaochu is generous, warehouse storage racks ,cantilever racking system, that is, like women, but also the so-called romantic in the mouth of ordinary people, there are often different women around. But unlike the general romantic childe, he is purely appreciative, respects every woman, sticks to the ultimate bottom line in getting along, and is also the most attractive place to preach. Cousin, you'll follow me as soon as I get here. Xie Zhiyan said discontentedly, looking at the grapefruit, laughing, "Cousin, this is better than before!"! But you're going to make pity sad again! "Don't talk nonsense!" Lin Shaochu hurriedly stopped him. He glanced awkwardly at the grapefruit and said, "Don't mind the grapefruit girl. He's just outspoken and has no other intention." "No hindrance!" Pomelo light curved lips, slightly raised the corner of the eye, lip angle radian slightly deepened, slightly bowed to Gu Yiyang, "I've seen the young Villa Leader!" "No need to be polite!" Gu Yiyang waved his sleeves indifferently. Pomelo girl is really a great beauty, compared with Miss Zhuo. Each has its own characteristics! Su Qiaoqiao stared at her with interest, and the smile at the corners of her mouth seemed to be calculating something again, oh, grapefruit. Lure! "I'm flattered, Miss Su!" The grapefruit gathered her eyes indifferently and took a deep look.
"Is Master Lin coming?" Gu Yiyang has doubts, in the past Lin Shaochu will not take a woman with him, today seems to be some special, or this woman called pomelo is special. Oh, just for a walk, that. Lin Shaochu's expression was a little awkward. His eyes kept sweeping to the pomelo. After a slight pause, he suddenly said, "I invited Mr. Ming to come. I should be here soon!" "Master Lin, tell me why you're here with such a beautiful girl." Su Qiaoqiao blinked ambiguously, "It's really lively. How can I make an appointment with Master Ming? That bookworm is also worth getting to know Master Lin?" "Mr. Ming is not a bookworm. I'm here." Lin Shaochu's lips moved, and he still kept turning his eyes to the pomelo, but he seemed to have doubts. "I hope you'll forgive me. It's just that the pomelo is so curious that he asked Master Lin to take him with him." Pomelo smiled slightly, "I heard that the back hill of Maple Leaf Villa is full of red leaves. Now it's late autumn. It must be beautiful. I wonder if Pomelo is lucky enough to enjoy it?" "So the grapefruit girl likes red leaves?" Su Qiaoqiao was slightly surprised, but with a smile and bright eyes, "Master Lin is really, someone else's grapefruit girl this small wish, you actually hesitated for a long time not to say!" "Well, this." Lin Shaochu looked at the pomelo with a special feeling in his eyes. Su Qiaoqiao has a panoramic view of this. He is worthy of being the head of the Entrapment Department. He is really efficient. Cousin, this is not like you, usually if which beauty has a wish, but you are very straightforward, now. Hey, hey. Xie Zhiyan smiled maliciously, and his narrow eyes kept shuttling between the two men. Zhiyan! Lin Shaochu slightly scolded the low drink, the unnatural eyes once again glanced aside. Master Lin! Stop looking at me! The pomelo put up with a touch of anger in her eyes and opened her lips slightly. "I don't blame Master Lin for not saying it clearly. It's really for my sake. I don't want others to think I'm an artificial woman.". "Thank you again, Pomelo,warehouse pallet racks, for your trouble, Master Lin!" "Don't mention it, Miss Pomelo!" Lin Shaochu gazed away slightly and held the teacup in a somewhat cramped manner. jracking.com
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