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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling (25th Nov 22 at 5:43am UTC)
Mingshu grabbed the rubble next to him and smashed it, shaking the fake sword and avoiding it easily. The rubble fell from the sky. Witch, what are you doing? From below came the sound of angry curses. Mingshu poked his head out and saw that the disciples of the Wuji Sword Sect were a little below. Fang Wan may be afraid that Mingshu will continue to punish her and fall to the bottom. Mingshu patted the earth on his body, grabbed the vines on the cliff, and continued to climb up. Ah Mingshu heard a chaos below, not knowing what had happened, and the group below seemed to speed up. Mingshu could already see the top of the cliff, and there was a man hanging not far above her. Did anyone climb in front of her? It shouldn't be! The man above may have heard the sound and looked down with the rope. The two men's eyes met in the air. It's the man who sells medicine. "" The man sighed softly. The next second, the hands and feet are close to the white flower next to it. The little flowers are just right at the moment. It has come to the flowering period. Mingshu quickened his speed and kicked the flower directly off the cliff when the man was about to pick it. Man Mingshu smiled at her and climbed up the cliff. The man also followed up, his hands and feet, it seems that he is not a monk, which is why he did not have time to stop Mingshu just now. Girl The man caught his breath. "How can you be so unkind?" Mingshu: "I hold a grudge." Man The man patted the grass clippings on his body and spoke politely. "Well, I was unkind before, and we're even.". But girl,mobile racking systems, do you really not buy medicine? Mingshu: "… …" Where on earth do I look like I need to take medicine? To sell your medicine, you can't talk nonsense! In modern times, such a doctor will be arrested! The black sword floated up slowly. When the man saw the black sword, he said, "Isn't this a mirror?" Mingshu looked at the black sword, the black sword at this time or the appearance of the evil sword,heavy duty cantilever racks, how did this man recognize it at a glance? The Black Sword was high and low, as if he were looking at a man, and his attitude was very arrogant. Xi Xie was born, and even the mirror was born. It's a mess. The man muttered to get his basket, "It's good to sell more medicine." Mingshu pursed his lips and looked at the man. What's wrong with this guy? The man's basket was on the edge of the cliff. When he reached for it, a snake suddenly appeared behind the basket. Then the second, the third.. The colors are gorgeous, and all kinds of snakes climb up from the cliff. The man also ignored his basket and retreated again and again. The light of the sword flashed from the bottom of the cliff, the snake on the edge of the cliff broke into several pieces, and several figures came up from the bottom of the cliff. After Su Yiqiu came up, wire mesh decking ,push back racking system, he immediately drew an array on the edge of the cliff to block the snakes that were rushing up crazily. These are just ordinary snakes, the attack is not big, Su Yiqiu's array is enough to stop them. Younger Martial Brother, Younger Martial Brother, come on, Jiedu Dan. "Brother Ling, it's no use." "Hold on, Younger Martial Brother!" "Try feeding a few more." The bitten disciple's face was livid, his lips had become black, and the antidote pills were fed one by one, but they had no effect at all. The man and Mingshu happened to be in the formation. Mingshu stood on the edge and had already withdrawn from the protective circle of the formation. The snakes that swam around seemed not to dare to get close to her and walked around one after another. The man gathered his sleeves and stood not far from them. "Do you want to buy medicine?" Only then did they discover a strange man in the array. "Who are you?" The man answered softly, "Doctor." Doctor He's not a medicine man. He's just an ordinary man. Can you detoxify my Younger Martial Brother? Their antidote is useless, and now they can only treat a dead horse as a living horse. Men still say, "Do you want to buy medicine?" # Ask for the ticket of Xueyue mutton flavor # Babies on the weekend, how about casting your precious votes? Boo Boo, Uncle Ming needs you to feed ~ ~ Chapter 870 the sword breaks the sky (12). The man only sells medicine and does not see a doctor. The disciples of the Wuji Sword Sect thought the man was playing tricks on them. Su Yiqiu takes the lead in asking: "Excuse me, how much does the childe need?" "No money." The man said. No money? Then with what? Lingshi? We still have some on us. How much do you want? The currency of the common man is not the same as the currency of the monk. The man shook his head. "No Lingshi.".
” Seeing that the disciple was dying, everyone was a little impatient. "What do you want?" "Life." The man's warm voice seemed to be stained with ice, so that the people present could not help but shiver. Life? "One medicine, ten years of life." Swish The disciple of Wuji Sword Sect put his sword to face each other. "Who on earth are you?" "Doctor." "How can a doctor like you want a person's life span, and how can he give it to you?" Can such a thing as life be given casually? The man did not speak, his expression was gentle and humble, and people could not get angry when they looked at him. One medicine, ten years of life. What kind of outer door magic is this? I'll give it to you. "Sister Su!" The disciple of Wuji Sword Sect hurriedly grabbed Su Yiqiu. "This guy's origin is unknown. I don't know whether what he said is true or not." "Do the brothers have a better way to save people?" Su Yiqiu's eyes are clear. Sister Su, this. They are all men, even if they really want to save, do you really want a girl to save? But life! Decade "Elder Martial Brother came out with us, and we have lost." No matter what, I will save Elder Martial Brother. Su Yiqiu's face was firm, "Childe, please." The man pulled his hand out of his sleeve. Fang Wan suddenly stood out, "I'm willing to give it to you, too. Elder Martial Brother is to protect me. I'll come." Su Yiqiu felt that this matter was promised by himself and that he could not let others bear it for himself. So she declined Fang Wan. But Fang Wan felt that Su Yiqiu wanted to earn his performance,industrial racking systems, and the two were deadlocked. Is it feasible for me and Younger Martial Sister Yiqiu to give you five years? Fang Wan suddenly said to the man. The man thought a little and nodded, "OK." Su Yiqiu could not resist Fang Wan, so he had to agree to the plan. jracking.com
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