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Legend of Wulin.txt _ Replace (25th Nov 22 at 5:43am UTC)
Wei's mother nodded secretly, knowing that the little witch sword had been learned and could leave. Say: "Good, then we go back!"! I'm afraid your father and mother are also looking forward to you. Mother Wei, why didn't Mom and Dad come to see us for half a year? So is my aunt. She's not coming either. Wei's mother didn't know what to say for a moment. When Cui Yanshan sent wine and food to pick up Yunling, she knew that the leader of Biyunfeng was seriously ill and could not be a director, so the holy aunt and the five demons took his place. How can they find time to come here? After all, Wei's mother had been through a lot of trials and tribulations. When she heard that the religious leader was ill, she said to Master Chen worriedly, "If the religious leader has an accident, I'm afraid Biyunfeng will cause trouble!" Master Chen also nodded: "Yes!"! First of all, the Red and Blue Demons will be separated, and then the Holy Aunt and the White Demon King will turn the tide. "What's wrong with the religious leader?" "In my opinion, it is mainly due to practice.". "I have already admonished the religious leader not to practice the method of subduing demons, but he refused to listen, so that the fire went into the triple energizer and hemiplegia." "Can't you be saved?" Master Chen shook his head: "It's very difficult.". Fortunately, the religious leader's martial arts were so strong that he didn't die. Wei's mother was afraid of affecting the little witch to learn the sword, so she never said these things to the little witch. As soon as the little witch asked, Wei's mother had to say, "I'm afraid they have something to do." "What's the big deal with them?" Young lady, aren't we going back now? Can't you see your parents and aunts? The next day, the little witch and the snow leopard were playing by the mountain stream. Cui Yanshan carried two big barrels on his horse to pick up Yunling. The little witch said, "Hi!"! We're leaving in two days. Why do you send things here? Cui Yanshan said with a smile, "Little Princess, it's because you're leaving that the Sect Leader told me to bring these two buckets." "Oh?"? What is that thing? "Poison, the most powerful poison." "What can I do with it?" The little witch asked in astonishment. "Use it to sprinkle around the bamboo hut and on the roof to prevent others from breaking into this secret place." "Can you prevent it?" "Why can't you prevent it?"? As soon as a person touches this poison, without the antidote of the Sect Leader, he will die in a moment. At this time, Master Chen and Mother Wei heard the sound and came out of the bamboo hut. Master Chen asked,industrial racking systems, "Yanshan, have you brought anything?" "Yes!" "Well, you can move it down, and then go to the cottage to pack it up. You can carry my things back first, and we'll leave in two days." Aunt Wei asked, "Old Cui, is there any news from Yunnan?" Cui Yanshan's face darkened. He sighed and said, "I heard that the religious leader has been completely unable to get out of bed. I don't know why the two demons, Red and Yellow, suddenly left Biyun Peak. One went back to Tibet and the other went to the island. It is also said that the leader of the Holy Fire Sect is also centrifugal!" A shadow passed over Mother Wei's face, and what she was worried about happened. Surprised, the little witch asked, "Why can't the religious leader get out of bed?"? Why did Uncle Hong and Uncle Huang leave? Cui Yanshan said, "Little princess, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,mobile racking systems, the religious leader has been ill for more than two months. I don't know why the Red Lord and the Yellow Lord left.". Some say they are not happy with the orders of the Smiling Silver Fox. Mother Wei and Master Chen could not help looking at each other and kept silent. The little witch was still asking why. Mother Wei said, "Young lady, don't ask any more questions. Don't mind your own business at your child's home." Master Chen said, "Yanshan, go and pack up my things quickly, but don't move all the medicines." After Cui Yanshan tidied up, Master Chen told him a few words in a low voice. Cui Yanshan nodded and left Jieyunling. As soon as Cui Yanshan left, Master Chen took Mother Wei to the medicine storehouse and said, "Sister-in-law Wei, I have something to ask you!" Mother Wei was stunned. "Master Chen, what do you want from me?"? If I can do it, I will do it. With a deep sigh, Master Chen said, "When the smiling silver fox comes out, Biyun Peak will be in a mess." "As soon as I had a misfortune, I asked Wei's sister-in-law to take my place so that the poison gang wouldn't be distracted." As soon as Master Chen's words came out, how did everyone react? Let's see the explanation in the next installment.
Chapter 18 Late Night Blur As soon as Master Chen said this, Mother Wei was shocked: "Why did Master Chen say that?"? How can I replace you? Even if something happens, there are many disciples of the Sect Leader, and there are no less than dozens of talented and virtuous people. Why don't the Sect Leader pick the sages among them? Master Chen said, "I've thought about it. If I have something to do, I'm afraid the dozens of people will not be spared.". If Wei's sister-in-law doesn't agree, I'll have to kneel down! When you say it, kneel down. Mother Wei said hurriedly, "Master, don't do this. I promise for the time being." Master Chen bowed deeply and said, "With the promise of sister-in-law Wei, our gang can be saved!" As he spoke, he took out a book from his bosom. "This is the list of the strongholds and leaders of the gang. I hope sister-in-law Wei will keep it carefully.". I have another flag and a letter in calligraphy. When the leaders of all places see this flag and this letter in calligraphy, they will naturally listen to your command. Two days later, when they were leaving Jieyunling, Master Chen asked the little witch, "Little Princess, would you like to take the snow leopard to Yunnan?" "Uncle, of course I brought it!" "If you don't, I want to leave it here to guard." Uncle, didn't you sprinkle poison on it? Can a snow leopard get out of a bamboo hut? "Snow leopards can resist these poisons," said Master Chen with a smile. "Then it will starve to death too!" "Snow leopards in these mountains, there are rabbits, yellow wolves and so on, how can it starve to death?" "No, uncle, I'll take it with me." "Well, well, little princess, take it with you!"! I'm afraid it looks like a leopard and will cause you trouble! I'm also worried that it will die under the sword of a martial arts master. "If anyone dares to kill it,heavy duty metal racks, I will fight with him!" "I'm most afraid that others will hurt it by mistake!" They left Zhuliao and returned to yuanbaoshan. As soon as he stepped into the gate of the Xuanmiao Temple, the Dark Lord suddenly brought someone out of the Taijun Temple and shouted, "Tie me up!" Suddenly two big fellow came forward to tie Chen gang leader. The snow leopard pounced on the two big men from behind Master Chen. jracking.com
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